Website Live! The difficult second blog……

Website Live! The difficult second blog……

By on Jan 5, 2017 in Blogs, Revision News |

So after a short announcement on LinkedIn earlier this week, we have reached the point at which we can finally unveil the Revision Recruitment website!

Cue palpitations, cold sweats and headaches……

Why am I showing signs of anxiety and nerves you may ask??

Well, the content, user experience and theme are all down to me and that’s a big deal, especially when you consider that this is, in essence, the first thing people see when engaging your business -you cannot afford to get it wrong.

During the initial stage of design I met with an incredibly adept and talented individual (whose father used to teach me back in my days at secondary school, the world felt incredibly small at that moment) and we discussed what I wanted the ‘brand’ to look like. This was the first conversation I’d ever had in which someone had asked me to tell them about my ‘brand’ – I mean, I see brands everywhere, every day, I buy products based on the ‘brand’ and that’s because they are instantly recognisable to me when I walk in the store – so how did I want my brand to be perceived, and the logo I wanted to associate with it? What message was I trying to convey to those that visited the website or saw my logo? This is when the cold sweats and nerves really kicked in….

How could I have a brand without a logo….what sort of logo did I go for?

He then introduced me (and my wife) to the ‘best logo ever’, at this point I got it, the one thing that made a logo and a brand so successful – simplicity. I was shocked that I’d seen this logo a million times, and not seen the hidden message within – so clever, yet so simple

A brand doesn’t have to be flashy or glamorous, it doesn’t have to be clever or work on more than one level, it’s about the instantaneous acknowledgement from the buyer that it represents those things they are looking for.

Think of the brands you trust, the brands you buy from without thought or question, the brands you seek out because of the products (or services) they offer, why do you choose them? It’s because you know what you are getting when you buy or use that brand.

So, the website is up and running and I’m extremely proud of it – there may will be better websites, there may well be bigger and bolder websites – but for me it encapsulates all of the things I want this brand to represent; industry knowledge, modern, useful and most of all, simplicity.

Please take a look.


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